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TESOL – A Technology Based Company, has over 20 years of workforce combined experience & competencies focused on:

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Kursus Adobe Illustrator

Hanya RM650 untuk 2 hari!!

Suatu perisian yang digunakan untuk menghasilkan ilustrasi grafik, menghasilkan kerja akhir ilustrasi grafik ke format-format yang sesuai. Ia sesuai diimplementasikan dalam membangunkan grafik web,percetakan dan persembahan multimedia.

Modul Pembelajaran

Tarikh Kursus
  • Pengenalan asas kepada illustrator
  • Mengenali tools yang terdapat dalam illustrator
  • Penggunaan control Palette
  • Penggunaan floating palette
  • Membuat beberapa tutorial ringkas dalam ruang kerja Illustrator
  • 19 – 20 Disember 2011
  • 16 – 17 Januari 2012
  • 20 – 21 Februari 2012

Call Center Solution

Our Call Center Solution consist a set of programs that are designed to interact with the Open Architecture PBX Phone system to act as a complete inbound/outbound call center suite. 


Web Portal Development

The modern business is Internet driven and if you want to expand your business horizons it is necessary to have a professionally developed website or web portal that vividly reflects your business.


Data Migration and System Development

We have the knowledge, experience and technical skill of convention traditional and old database structure to the RDBMS and advance database technology such as COBOL, SYBASE, UNIFY, ORACLE, MYSQL & MS SQL.


IP PBX Solution

We are providing a service for users of the IP PBX software package that contains Asterisk. Solution with installing, configuring, or troubleshooting IP PBX is offered.




  • TESOL Hotline : +603-8920 4280 / +603-8912 9280

  • TESOL Helpdesk:  http://helpdesk.teras-solution.com/customerportal 

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In House Training

We deliver Corporate Training programmes with a framework which is designed and certified to meet ISO quality standards.

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LED Lighting

LED stands for light emitting diode. Diodes are electrical components that conduct electricity where the passing of electrical current makes the diode light up. LED lights are solid state lamps that utilize light emitting diodes to produce light.

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Business Areas

TESOL – A Technology Based Company
  • IT
  • Environmental
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Education

Portfolio Pengalaman

Ultimate Browsers SupportDengan  pengalaman TESOL di dalam bidang IT selama 8 tahun, portfolio pengalaman mengetengahkan kepelbagaian projek yang dijalankan dan senarai klien-klien kami daripada pelbagai agensi sama ada Institusi Kerajaan, Swasta mahupun perseorangan.

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