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LED stands for light emitting diode. Diodes are electrical components that conduct electricity where the passing of electrical current makes the diode light up. LED lights are solid state lamps that utilize light emitting diodes to produce light. They were previously used in flash lights and electrical components. With ongoing advancement in LED technology it is now used for various purposes. An LED or Light Emitting Diode is composed of semiconductors that have varying capabilities to conduct electricity. In an LED there are two semiconductors, the N-type that have the needed electrons and the P-type where there a lot of rooms for more electrons. With these semiconductors, electricity can pass through it in any direction and still serve to light up the diode.



a) Retail environment

- LED has good potential to be used for ambient lighting at reduced cost of operation in retail environment.

- LED also offers matchless offering for architectural elements and to create dramatic effects in retail displays.

- Best sources in luminance based applications like signage, branding and light boxes and etc.

- Dynamic windows can be done easily with LED.

b) In Offices

c) For hospitality

- Calibrating the luminaires with LED for specific color temperature is relatively easy.

- Saturated color applications with low voltage and low current has been welcomed by industry.

- Illuminance applications with glitter is also possible – often used in hospitality.

- User friendly mood lighting has become less complicated with LEDs.

d) For Outdoor

1. Security

- For organizations that want to create an environmentally friendly campus, commercial led security floodlights offer a light source free of greenhouse gases.

- LED security lights are friendlier to trees, shrubs, and gardens.  LED security lights last much longer, making them the most cost effective option for large university campuses and non-profit centers.

- Commercial led security lights are fully dimmable and feature instant on capability with no buzzing noises or annoying flicker. They are also are very difficult to vandalize.

- As technology continues to improve lumens to watt efficiency, expect commercial led security lights to become brighter and even more energy efficient than ever, and expect them as well to offer even greater lighting control with almost zero glare and light pollution.

2. Architectured

- LED commercial architectural lights can be obtained not only in power saving, low voltage fixture designs, but also in a full spectrum of special colors that can be combined to create entire lighting themes on building walls and rooftops.

- For organizations looking for exceptional sign lighting and architectural corporate branding, these LED building lights offer both a cost savings and a versatility that no other architectural lighting fixture can deliver with as much variety and precision lighting control.

- For connecting walkways, high-profile outdoor break or entertainment areas, LED commercial lights can also provide highly versatile, energy efficient, and pollution free general area lighting.

3. Landscape

- Many corporations are approaching the current recession with a sense of cautious determination.  They realize that certain investments have to be made, but at the same time, they will only invest in contractors who can predict within reason an estimated return on investment.

- LED commercial landscape lights offer not only the power saving features of solid state technology, but they also feature a full range of low voltage lighting options that can further reduce energy consumption to only 8% of what is used by incandescent equivalents.


LED Tube Light

Downlight / Ceiling Light



The absence of filament and its surrounding vacuum  containing bulb make LED extremely durable and eco friendly.
BIG advantage = saving in maintenance costs

Safe in operation – low voltage


Instant start. No flicker or re-strike & vibration proof.



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