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RFID - Asset Management

RFID is one of the first new technologies of the millennium. There are a myriad of opportunities to pursue using RFID technology and incorporate with TESOL expertise in ICT will provide a total solution for your organisation benefits.

Asset Management

Companies across a broad spectrum of industries rely on critical assets to drive their business. RFID can help enterprise companies automatically track and secure critical assets — with very little human intervention. This real-time technology takes asset management to the next level, providing unprecedented visibility, accuracy and security. With RFID, companies can automatically keep track of key assets as they move in and out of an area — whether it’s a stock room, airport hangar, data center, enterprise workplace or transport terminal.


Green Technology and Energy Efficiency


Green Technology is the development and application of products, equipment and systems used to conserve the natural environment and resources, which minimize and reduces the negative impact of human activities.

We are pushing this new technology especially in LED Lighting to organization in Malaysia such as Universities, Local Counsel (PBT), industries and the governments.

The benefits of LED Lighting are endless. LED Lights are energy efficient, cost effective, durable and more. They are the latest technology in lighting and offer a great alternative in replacing your current halogen or standard lights. 


Workshop on Next Generation IT & Security for Public Sector (LIMITED SEAT!)

Workshop on
“Next Generation IT & Security for Public Sector”

1st  December 2011 (Thursday), Putra 1, Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort Putrajaya

INTRODUCTION Today’s organizations are becoming increasingly dependent upon their IT infrastructure and the information that this provides and supplies.  These organizations continue to require increasingly advanced facilities that meet the needs of the business.  The ever more competitive and cost-focused nature of today’s business environment means that the quality and cost effectiveness of IT services (and their management) is recognized as fundamental to an organization's success.Malaysia's Communications and Multimedia Commission said that 51 websites in the .gov.my domain were attacked beginning late Wednesday (15 Jun 2011), and that 41 of the sites suffered various levels of disruption. However, it made references to some of the websites recovering quickly, suggesting that these sites faced a DDoS or distributed denial-of-service attack rather than a hack. DDoS attacks can make a website inaccessible to users by swamping the website with traffic from hundreds or thousands of computers.This workshop will vastly focus on the best practice in IT SERVICES MANAGEMENT, NEW BUSINESS MODEL IN IT and the significant of SECURITY IN PROTECTING YOUR ASSETS AND INFORMATION from these intrusion and attacks.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND IT Directors/Executives from government agencies

In this workshop, we will discuss further in these topics:

1. Application Acceleration and Security

With the rise of Web 2.0, the performance and security of your Web-based applications are critical considerations for most organizations. As web attacks, SQL injection, and protocol based attacks are getting more sophisticated, they can be considered the new frontier in network security.For this reason, Barracuda is proudly to provide the most comprehensive solution in the industry. Web acceleration with load-balancing can help dramatically improve web page response times, by compressing traffic and reducing server loads.  At the application level, you can prevent attacks that no other firewalls can address. Barracuda solutions provide an advanced web application firewall along with comprehensive web application security. This combination significantly reduces the risk of damage to intellectual property, data, and web applications.

2. IT Services Management

Best practice in IT services management, New Business Model in IT and the emerging of cloud computing.IT service management implementation can help reduce costs and improve service quality but it requires specialized skills and experience that many businesses lack. IT Service Management Implementation Services helps you design, build and deploy a flexible service management implementation solution that can help you realize more value from your IT investments.  The service management helps you in the following way as deliver higher-quality, more reliable IT services with a complete solution, drives improvements in IT planning, decision making, agility and efficiency with a business-oriented view and control of cost and quality, mitigates project risk and improves time to value with time-tested methods, global intellectual capital and industry best practices such as ITIL® and provides insight into IT's performance in support of business processes through monitoring and management.

3. Going Beyond Network Security with Next Generation Firewall

The Barracuda NG Firewall is a family of hardware and virtual appliances designed to protect network infrastructure, improve site-to-site connectivity and simplify administration of network operations. Beyond its powerful network firewall, IPS and VPN technologies, the Barracuda NG Firewall integrates a comprehensive set of next generation firewall technologies, including Layer 7 application control, WAN optimization, Web filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam and network access control enforcement.


0830am – 0900am           
Guest arrival and registration

0900am – 0910am          
Welcome Note En. Wan Hilmi Wan Mohd Nor,Managing Director of TESOL

0910am – 1010am            
Speech by: Oliver Wai, Product MarketingManager at Barracuda Networks. Topic: “Application Acceleration and Security”

1010am – 1015am           
Q & A sessions

1015am – 1045am          
Tea break

1045am – 1145pm           
Speech by Prof. Madya Dr. Mohamad Shanudin ZakariaDirector of IT Center, UKMTopic: “IT Services Management”

1145pm – 1150pm            
Q & A sessions

1150pm – 1250pm            
Speech by Mr. Thiban Darmalingam - Principal Systems Engineer at Barracuda NetworksTopic: “Going Beyond Network Security with Next Generation Firewall”



*Lucky Draw : IPad 2 is waiting for you.

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- No .Fax

Please reply the details for your confirmation seat via email or fax to us at 03-8926 9280 before25th November 2011.

A confirmation registration will be sent to you from us via email.

1) Mrs. Wan Nurhanani Binti Wan Mohd Nor
Tel : 03-8926 7280 | Fax: 03-8926 9280 | H/P: 016-202 6404
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) Ms. Nur Nadirah Nafisya
Tel : 03-8926 7280 | Fax: 03-8926 9280 | H/P: 014-7268517
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Please kindly bring your business card for speedy registration and lucky draw
*Extremely limited seat


Naik Bas Percuma Lepas Bayar Caj Parkir


Arkib MyMetro:

PUTRAJAYA: Pengguna kini boleh menaiki bas Nadi Putra secara percuma tanpa had untuk ke mana-mana destinasi dengan membayar caj tempat letak kereta yang disediakan pada kadar RM2.

Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan dan Kesejahteraan Bandar, Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, berkata perkhidmatan istimewa itu diberikan di bawah Sistem Pengurusan dan Kawalan Transit Awam Putrajaya (Spektra Putrajaya).

Menurutnya, pengguna hanya perlu mengimbas kad Park and Ride (P&R) pada mesin tiket di dalam bas dan tiket tanpa bayaran akan dikeluarkan.

“Harga ini paling murah di dunia dan saya jangka ia menarik lebih ramai orang menggunakan pengangkutan awam di Putrajaya.

Read more: Naik Bas Percuma Lepas Bayar Caj Parkir


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